Probably won't be inheriting the family farm...


Grit is a Man at Arms (hireling), currently bound to the Paladin, Regulus

Skill: 2
Loyalty: 1

Grit is a young man, tanned, with wild red hair, green eyes. He is dressed in unremarkable peasant garb, with a worn, forest-green hooded cape. But the thing you notice first is the hair… well, that or the gnarly-looking sword.


Grit first showed up in our 2nd session, courageously carrying the boon of a Potion of Healing to the party from the reeve. He was desperate to do his part after the party saved his family from a swarm of vicious little Imps.

He has the training of a farmer but the heart of a warrior – and an ancient sword he found in Grimwood Forest, from the times of the old war.

Currently, he is working for free (motivated by gratitude and simple fear for the safety of Grimwood) as a hireling — specifically, a man-at-arms at the side of Regulus.

Although his faith in the party was somewhat shaken, he is absolutely loyal to their current cause (of course). He doesn’t love Halwyrrr, who may be single-handedly converting the so-far sheltered lad to a life of racism against Elves in general.


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